scrap turnings recycling

Scrap Turnings Recycling

aluminum and copper turningsHere at AA Metal Recycling we offer a scrap turnings recycling service, which most other scrap metal recycling companies and services in this industry don’t offer.

If you’re operating a fabrication or manufacturing business processing metal parts and components that produces scrap turnings, we can handle the recycling/disposal of your turnings in a cost-effective or even profitable manner.

We accept dry and wet turnings.  Cutting oil is often a contributing factor to the proper and most effective solution for most companies who produce scrap turnings.  We have our own system of separating leftover oil from the recyclables produced by your businesses production activity.

We specialize in non-ferrous turnings recycling solutions.  Steel and semi-magnetic stainless steel is considered in certain circumstances, quantities and frequency.

Contact AA Metal Recycling today and talk with us about working together with us on a cost-effective, profitable solution for your scrap turnings that’s reliable and adds to your company’s bottom line.