Electronics Recycling

AA Metal Recycling now offers electronics recycling services in NH, MA and ME for home owners and businesses! No more worrying about looking for a reliable ewaste recycling and disposal solution, if you’re located in our service area we are your guys.

We’re different from other companies and services offering services to recycle your electronics, such as Best Buy’s electronics recycling program, because we are a MOBILE service. That means we come out to your location, whether it’s your home or your business and provide a removal service of your items in addition to proper recycling of your items.

We make electronic waste recycling easy, fast and according to your schedule.

We specialize in:

Computer recycling and disposal – We will process, recycle and dispose of complete towers while keeping nearly 100% of the waste produced recycled and out of the landfills. This includes towers, servers, racks, components, boards, hard drives, the whole nine yards.

Our company offers electronics recycling services in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine and Vermont¬† (eligibility depends on distance, quantity, what’s being recycled, and other factors)