above ground pool removal and recycling

Cheap Above Ground Pool Removal

AA Metal Recycling offers a very popular above ground pool removal service.  Since we recycle the materials, we can provide this service at a very affordable rate, much lower than what your average pool service company would charge you.  If you have a pool you want gone, we’re the company you want to call.

Whether your damaged or unwanted above ground pool is just taking up space in your yard, or needs to be removed in a cost effective way so you can replace it with a new one, you can benefit from recycling with us.

Most professional pool companies and junk removal services will charge you hundreds for a simple pool dismantling and disposal.  Our service is cheap, in rare instances free.  Calling us is a green, cost effective and environmental solution to the quick, easy and proper disposal of your above ground pool.

If you need an above ground pool taken down, AA Metal Recycling is a fully insured metal recycling company and will have your pool dismantled and removed usually in under one hour.

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